Original Patterns

Hey guys! I’ve created and published several original patterns on here, so I decided to corral them together.

Super Simple Buddy Balls Bear Sweater
a very tiny sweater for a very weirdly-proportioned bear
post and PDF

I Am Jack’s Decorative Throw Pillow
Ever wanted a throw pillow to let everyone know that you also enjoy dystopian fiction? Here you go. Designed and made especially for Mr. Chuck Palahniuk.
post and PDF and chart

Oh Captain, My Captain
cap and peggy
Captain America hats, designed especially for Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell, in both Cap and Winter Soldier colorway options
post and PDF

Cowl Before the Storm
2015-05-17 169
a cowl made from the remnants of other projects that turned out to be a lacy, lovely, beautiful little storm cloud all on its own
post and PDF

Triple Helix
spencer 1
a super mathy hat for anyone who enjoys mathematics or just wants to make difficult things look effortless
post and PDF

Russell the Carrot
2013-08-05 010
a super huggable carrot friend
post and PDF

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