About Jinger

My name’s Jinger, and I was born and raised in New Orleans, went to school in Pittsburgh, had an extended stay in Boulder, and am now back in my hometown to knit, bake, and generally make lots of dirty dishes and messes that need to be cleaned up later by my boyfriend, Dan.

2009-12-04 047

I’m a pediatric nurse, working at a crazy busy children’s hospital.  I also make time to make silly knitted objects for famous people for absolutely no reason.

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Baking and knitting are two nice things that I can do reasonably well and make me feel better when the world seems a bit out of control.

2011-09-04 073

I’m also addicted to bubble tea, used books, Degrassi Junior High (and all Canadian teenage melodrama, for that matter…have you seen Instant Star?), D&D, and reading blogs.


I like that you’re here. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “About Jinger

  1. I found your blog through your Sedaris-Owl on Ravelry and it seems as if I’ve just found a great place: I love to knit, bake, read tons of books and… I love to watch British TV – I’m curious to read more from you.
    Greetings from Germany

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