New York Recap (or alternately titled…holy crap, you guys got to do what now?)

So. There’s this thing called Broadway Across America. And there’s this brother I have who’s a crazy person who gives ridiculous gifts. And there’s a little thing called a thirtieth birthday that I have coming up that needed to be celebrated in style.

2012-06-11 152

In New York City, there are a ridiculous amount of things to do, but we kept it limited to a very select few activities:

We saw some amazing shows…

2012-06-11 056

2012-06-11 177

2012-06-11 204

…looked fabulous…

(And for those of you that know me in person, you know that this can be a struggle for me. So many skirts and high heels.)

2012-06-11 015 2012-06-11 262

2012-06-11 259 2012-06-11 193

…sometimes to the point of being amazing models.

2012-06-11 367

2012-06-11 370

I just know that our modeling contracts are on the way as we speak. Type. Whatever.

We saw some amazing old friends.

2012-06-11 171

2012-06-11 428

(Seriously, guys. I miss you all so much already.)

And before anyone asks, yes, there was yarn shopping. I may have dropped some cash at Habu Textiles and bought something awesome that I have no idea how to use. Stay tuned.

We ate a ridiculous amount of good food.

2012-06-11 275

2012-06-11 199

So much food. There was definitely not enough photo-documentation of the food because I was busy putting it into my face. iPhone photos from my 365 Project caught a tiny bit of it.

365 2012-06-09

365 2012-06-11

We met some famous people.

2012-06-11 214

2012-06-11 230

We had some moments of quiet introspection.

2012-06-11 306

2012-06-11 315

2012-06-11 348

And we were completely unapologetic tourists the whole time, much to New York City’s chagrin, I’m sure.

2012-06-11 113

2012-06-11 125

2012-06-11 373

2012-06-11 374

2012-06-11 375

2012-06-11 377

We did not want to leave.

2012-06-11 447

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, Jarrod. Thank you, New York City. Thank you, old and new friends. Even though I haven’t gotten quite started on it yet, I think that turning 30 is going to work out just fine.

365 Project – Week 18

I am sitting here right now in my office, dressed as a children’s book character (no giant head this time, though), experiencing severe hair anxiety. I have never learned how to put my hair in pigtails and have anything resembling a straight part back there. I’m sure no one else ever notices or cares, but this will probably plague me all day.

Onto the week!

365 2012-04-28

I felt as though I couldn’t truly embark on my new embroidery project without finishing up the old one. The orchids are getting their stems and leaves, which is some super exciting stuff.

365 2012-04-29

French toast with syrup, whipped cream, and cinnamon is an amazing thing. UH-mazing.

365 2012-04-30

Zucchini everywhere! We’ve had to do an awful lot of intervening with this one, doing the pollinating ourselves extremely early in the morning. Hopefully, these little guys will come through and find themselves in our pasta.

365 2012-05-01

This is how Bowie helps me read.

365 2012-05-02

The birds decided to hang out on the porch while the rain poured down, which struck me as quite amusing. Our recent bird feeder experiments have resulted in more birds and squirrels than we ever imagined. It’s like Snow White out there.

365 2012-05-03

Bubble tea! Greatest stuff ever. Especially coconut.

365 2012-05-04

I call this Bowie’s “quicksand” pose. He’s quite comfortable, really, but chooses to look like he’s in distress.

Let’s see how easily I can pass the day in knee socks, a belt, and complete hair anxiety – three things which I usually try to avoid. Just keep reminding yourself that it’s all for the kiddos.

365 Project – Week 17

I know I’m a little bit late this week with the 365 update, but it’s been a crazy weekend of bird-watching, garden-watering, and Tekken-playing. Because we’re awesome, that’s why.

365 2012-04-21

Pay no attention to the fact that the top name up there bears a striking resemblance to #2, which is a thinly-veiled attempt by my friend Jonathan to psych me out. The true situation remains that I beat him by over 10,000 points on In Bloom in Rock Band, and no amount of fiddling with the high score display will change that.

I also totally killed it on Blitzbrieg Bop on expert bass mode, much to our mutual surprise.

365 2012-04-22

Sometimes work days are a little slow on the creativity, but Dan came out punching with the smoothie-making right before I left. Yum!

365 2012-04-23

Bowie found a new place to nap in my office. Now he can track my every move in here from someplace other than my lap or the back of my chair.

365 2012-04-24

Breakfast for dinner! Scrambled eggs, sausage, and spinach is our go-to thing to make when nothing else sounds worth the effort. Delicious!

365 2012-04-25

Dan and I gussied up a bird feeder that had been languishing under our patio and put it out in the open where the birds could enjoy. Since then, it’s been crazy bird times out there. I predict that when we get to our 60s, we’ll be out in the woods with binoculars, counting warblers while wearing funny hats.

365 2012-04-26

A new kitchen experiment, created by Dan. A neighbor gave us a big bag full of hot peppers from his garden, and we filled them with homemade mashed potatoes and bits of ham and then baked them, turning them into tiny little twice-baked potato pepper bombs.

Dan enjoyed them, but I was physically unable to eat more than two before being forced to hold in a mouthful of milk for several minutes to quench the burning. Oh, the burning.

365 2012-04-27

Our library opened! This significance of this event is probably not immediately obvious, but New Orleans East has been without a proper library since Hurricane Katrina. Nearly seven years with just a little mobile-home-trailer Bookmobile sitting in an empty parking lot, but now it’s a real place with lots of great brand new stuff. I intend to be a loyal patron.


2012-04-14 021

Baby possum! Opossum? Possum! This little guy likes to cut through our yard every afternoon for some reason, and the first time he was spotted, he trotted into the garage and seemed to make himself at home. He is adorable and probably vicious. I hope he figures out a new route if he chooses to become less skittish and unfriendly. Right now, he’s just big-eared and cute.

365 Project – Week 16

I didn’t take the first picture for this week. Dan did, but somehow I think I’ll be forgiven.

365 2012-04-14

Now, this might be cheating a bit, but no other moment that day or picture that could have been taken would have make me quite as happy as this.

That’s me. In the Curious George suit. I think at this particular moment, George was contemplating how to best set up his tent for his camping trip with the man with the yellow hat. It was awesome.

I was in the suit for about 30 minutes, and the little fan in the head that’s supposed to cool you off was not working. It came with an additional “fatty suit” to wear under it, but I decided that I had plenty enough padding on my own. All complaining aside, the little kids giving me big hugs afterward and waving goodbye to George made it all worth it.

365 2012-04-15

The Southwest Anklets bubbling away in a bath of Soak right before blocking. Is there a more satisfying feeling in a knitter’s life? Nope.

365 2012-04-16

My first crawfish since moving back to New Orleans. Oh, incredibly spicy potatoes that make my entire mouth burn with goodness! How I’ve missed you!

365 2012-04-17

More crunchy woolly goodness for a new hat, this time for yours truly.

365 2012-04-18

The beginnings of Claudia, the more delicate cabled partner to Dan’s Knotty, but Nice. I’m past the cable-y bits and right in the middle of the twisted ribbing and loving it.

365 2012-04-19

This little guy joined Dan, Bowie, and I during our breakfast, and he and Bowie talked a little squirrel-talk. I imagine it went like this:

Squirrel: Hello. I’m a squirrel.
Bowie: I want to eat you.
Squirrel: Hello. I’m still a squirrel, and I’m doing squirrel-type things. Right here. In front of your window.
Bowie: I want to eat your face right off.
Squirrel: I’m a squirrel!

That went on for several minutes as the squirrel investigated our window, our bikes, and the area where Dan sprinkled some birdseed while transplanting the bird feeder. Bowie was nonplussed, vibrating with instincts he did not quite understand.

365 2012-04-20

This is what happens after you get crazy rain for two days straight and then full on sunshine for two more. Your garden goes insane. The little garden bunny statue was an Easter gift from my parents, and he’s watching calmly as the cucumber intertwines the zucchini and the cauliflower becomes sentient and starts demanding human sacrifices.

Unfortunately, next week will not include a picture of me dressed up as a beloved children’s book character. It’s all downhill from here.

365 Project – Week 15

I’m a bit late to post these this week, so I’m just going to get right to it, in all its leafy, fruity, crafty glory.

365 2012-04-07

Getting the dough prepped for my Dutch Apple Pie for our Easter picnic. Lovely stuff.

365 2012-04-08

My view while resting on a picnic table bench at the park during our lovely Easter picnic. I didn’t realize how much I missed Spanish moss while living in Colorado.

365 2012-04-09

Cucumber plants are just plain delightful.

365 2012-04-10

My cabbage is ready to explode out of the ground and into my kitchen. I’m so ready. I have my cole slaw recipe all picked out. (Sam’s Coleslaw: a Rough Recipe from A Sweet Spoonful for you curious types.)

365 2012-04-11

Working in a bookstore and having friends who do as well has its perks. I’m set for reading for the next little while. I wish I didn’t tear through the young reader stuff so fast.

365 2012-04-12

Dan and I took my mom out for some much deserved yogurt. Of course, this was only after we realized the marble slab ice cream place we originally wanted to go to was all closed up. I’ll stop pretending that this was an actual problem.

365 2012-04-13

I have more fun than I should when we make crafts with the kids at work. This is my totally awesome kite from last night, as should be self-explanatory, as modeled by the lovely Maria.

In other news, I totally wore a Curious George costume and pretended to, among other things, start a campfire, get sprayed by a skunk, and run up a tree. I do it all for the kids, guys. Seriously.

365 Project – Week 14

Well. It’s been a week of serious ups and downs.

And the ups! Oh boy, were they some delightful ups. Let’s take a look at them. Those that can be photographed, anyway.

Ups.  I just wanted to type it one more time.  What a weird little word.

365 2012-03-31

I was playing around with our tiny portable tripod to see if I could get a picture of all of my nails altogether, and I noticed that I had a cute, tiny spy watching me.

365 2012-04-01

Rodney’s Snowballs! A great way to finish a day of very sweaty and strenuous gardening. I’ve got cherry there, and Dan’s got some grape going on. Rodney’s, although very small and a tiny bit…dodgy, has always been my favorite place to go for snowballs. They put a gummy bear in the bottom of your cup so you have a little surprise at the end! Their ice cream flavor is my absolute favorite, but I wasn’t ready to have my whole mouth dyed yellow.

365 2012-04-02

Strawberry Shortcake! This was the extra pretty version that soon got toppled by way too much extra whipped cream. It was fantastic.

365 2012-04-03

Hooray! Got my acceptance letter for nursing school in the mail and promptly did a little dance in my chair. I can’t wait to be way too busy come fall. I wasn’t even peeved that they spelled my name wrong. Well, not much anyway.

365 2012-04-04

Banana bread, prepped and ready for the oven. I’ve started throwing all of our slightly soft bananas into the freezer as soon as it’s clear no one’s going to eat them and making lots of banana bread to slice up and freeze for later. It makes a great breakfast or snack, as long as you’re patient enough for it to defrost.

365 2012-04-05

Bowie in the early morning sunlight that creeps through our kitchen window. Although not much that morning, just the fact that the sun was shining at all was a relief.

365 2012-04-06

Nearing the toes on the second Southwest Anklet!

Here’s hoping that next week has just as many delightful up-related moments. I have a feeling it will. So far, there’s pie and potato salad, picnics, and a large Curious George costume in my future…what could go wrong?

365 Project – Week 13

I am 24% complete on my project, which means that I’m a few days too early to celebrate being a quarter of the way through. Let’s celebrate anyway. Hooray!

365 2012-03-24

Saturday night fun at our house? Banana smoothies and Venture Bros.? Yay!

365 2012-03-25

Sunday afternoon bike ride in West End Park! We decided to take in a bit of historical architecture along with our usual lakefront adventures.

365 2012-03-26

Bowie “helping” me to get rid of some fruit flies. He is not very helpful around the house, but is really good at figuring out how to get people to rub his tummy.

365 2012-03-27

Our bean plant produced one bean. It took about .5 seconds for Dan and I to share it. I’m hoping that one day our plants will start to produce enough vegetables to make a salad instead of just a mouthful.

365 2012-03-28

Anybody sick of the garden yet? Me neither. Big beautiful zucchini blossoms first thing in the morning are a great way to start the day.

365 2012-03-29

Dan and I had a little bit of fun in Sephora. Can I say how happy I am to have a man that’s totally still wearing his sparkles to work today? Very much so.

365 2012-03-30

Mid-afternoon snack of frozen vanilla yogurt and strawberry preserves. Had to get some happy energy in me before heading to work this evening!

Hope everyone else has a fabulous weekend!

365 Project – Week 12

Lots of reds happening this week. Tomatoes, beets, radishes, bright red couches, and burnt orange sock yarn.

365 2012-03-17

A radish! And a beet! There’s actually two other less photogenic radishes involved here, but these were just so perfect that I had to document them. It’s simultaneously weird and awesome to eat something that came out of the dirt in my backyard. I can’t wait to keep doing it.

365 2012-03-18

Frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti as part of our Sunday afternoon bike ride. Yum!

365 2012-03-19

Row of radishes waiting to get plumper and bigger and to jump onto our salad plates.

365 2012-03-20

Self-explanatory, yes? I hang my head in shame at that disappointed bunny.

365 2012-03-21

What to do on a rainy day? Eat BLTs and watch Shaun of the Dead. Of course.

365 2012-03-22

Sock #2 of the Southwest Anklets adventure! I want to slow down and make this project last longer, but I just can’t!

365 2012-03-23

That beet pictured earlier is now chopped up with some of its friends, added to some onions, and pickled here in some Mason jars. And it is delicious. And my hands are still slightly pinkish. The instruction to peel beets in any recipe must be a practical joke.

Up on deck today?  Perhaps weeding the garden and some more knitting?  Anyone want to go out for bubble tea later?  Anybody?

365 Project – Week 11

It seems like spring has arrived here in New Orleans, if my pictures this week are any indication. Lots of greenery (can we pretend I did it on purpose for St. Patrick’s Day?) and other signs of springtime! Plus, it’s suddenly extremely humid and foggy, and, much to my chagrin, we’ve had to turn the air conditioner on. That’s a pretty good barometer.

365 2012-03-10

Ah, spring. When a young woman’s thoughts turn to those of cookies. Girl Scout cookies. Hopefully we can stick to just two boxes this year.

365 2012-03-11

Beautiful bright rose from my rose bush in my garden! These guys make me so happy, even though they are gone in just a few days.

Such bright colors seem like they shouldn’t be able to exist in nature. Seems like they could only be relegated to fluorescent office supplies. But they are here, seemingly just to please me.

365 2012-03-12

This little guy came to join me while I was weeding, hanging out on my beet leaves. He’s so green! Almost like a little robot insect.

365 2012-03-13

Our first carrots! They didn’t get very long for some reason (I think it might have something to do with the fact that my dad kept them in a starter planter for weeks and weeks before he traded them with us), but they were tasty nonetheless.

365 2012-03-14

Anklets! I decided to make some for myself since the last ones that I made ended up going over to my mom. These ones are made of leftover Austermann Step, which might be my favorite sock yarn in the world. Super cool random-y stripe sequences, incredibly soft and strong, and silky smooth with the addition of the aloe in there. Knitting with it is pure pleasure. (Ravelry link? Southwest Anklets.)

365 2012-03-15

This plant has been through an awful lot. Three different Boulder apartments, and then a trip across the country in the back of my overstuffed Kia Rio. It wasn’t looking good after we got here, but through repottings and multiple relocations throughout the house to try to find the ideal sun situation, this plant is finally thriving and growing again. It’ll be awesome when I finally feel like I’m no longer responsible for losing so many plant lives.

That is, unless we do it on purpose to eat them. That’s an exception.

365 2012-03-16

Dewy spiderwebs on my rose bush early in the morning. Just lovely.

More springtime to come, plus some finished projects to show off later this week! Have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day! Drink some Bailey’s for me.

365 Project – Week 10

Week 10? 69 photos? 18% complete? Why can’t I stop typing questions?

365 2012-03-03

We tried to get to the theatre before midnight, but it just didn’t happen. So…this was March 3rd…ish. And it was The Artist. And it was beautiful.

365 2012-03-04

This is from the wee hours of the morning on March 4th on the same movie date. We spent some quality time looking at ourselves looking like Nighthawks in the mirror at Morning Call while having some delicious coffee and beignets.

365 2012-03-05

I’ve had some tweedy wool sitting around waiting for some time to become something classic and cabled and traditional. Cue the hat projects for me and my love!

365 2012-03-06

Bowie had an outdoor adventure, despite the fact that he hates his harness and leash. He put on a brave face and attempted to enjoy the grass and nature sounds and smells, but spent most of the time hiding on the porch swing or in our laps.

365 2012-03-07

Dan gave me a book light for Christmas. It keeps me happy and reading in bed and him able to fall asleep. Right now, I’m reading a very silly catty-girl young adult novel from work and feeling extremely old.

365 2012-03-08

Homemade Oreo cookies went down in this kitchen. Right down into some milk. And then in our mouths. And our stomachs. More to come.

365 2012-03-09

Getting right into those crisp cables for Dan’s hat! (Knotty, but Nice from for those of you who want to know.) I’m loving this slightly itchy but totally classic cabled number. (Ravelry link? Right here.)

Stay tuned for more baking and knitting coverage from this past week. I know it’s extremely exciting, but try to control yourselves.