I Heart Knitting

I forget sometimes just how much I love knitting.

2013-07-10 003

Luckily, sometimes there are those projects that come along that make you realize just how much the mere act of doing something small makes you super happy.

2013-07-10 034

These two projects in particular are responsible for my knitting happiness as of late.

First up? My Grey Gardens, made from the fabulous Knitty pattern of the same name.

2013-07-10 009

Like that chandelier growing out of my head? Me, too!

2013-07-10 025

Much better.

I love the texture that the entrelac has after blocking. Lovely little quilted squares all interlocking together.  And that twisty bit!  Great stuff.

2013-07-10 023

Now, as you can see from the fact that I am wistfully staring outside in these photos, I have yet to develop the self-confidence and bad-assitude necessary to rock one of these in public.

2013-07-02 080

Just kidding. However, it was only for a few minutes due to the fact that it is summer, and it was extremely hot outside. Come fall, I am going to be so freaking awesome.  And I will have very warm ears.

This next one should keep me occupied for slightly longer.

2013-07-10 033

My friend at work is going to be having a baby this fall, and I asked her if she’d like for me to knit her something for the baby. She asked me if I’d like to make Christmas stockings for the baby and her husband for them to enjoy during their first family Christmas. You can’t say no to that adorable-ness, even though it is a bit strange to knit Christmas stockings in July.

2013-07-10 038

The pattern is a highly modified version of the worsted weight basic Christmas stocking from Christmas Stockings by Interweave Press (very sadly discontinued because it’s a great starter book for this particular craft), and yarn is the classic Caron Simply Soft, one of the more lovely acrylics out there on the market.

After I finish knitting the stockings themselves, I’ll be working up charts for duplicate stitching their names and some snowflakes on there. There’s something about their vast expanse of smooth even stockinette that is extremely satisfying. I keep stopping in the middle of the rounds and admiring them, which is ridiculous, but I know that my fellow knitters are totally with me on this one. We all need to take some time to revel in our excellent craftsmanship skills, yes? Right?

Please tell me someone else does this.


5 thoughts on “I Heart Knitting

  1. Agreed. It is very important to revel in the knitted awesomeness from time to time. I have, however, found that shoving your knitting awesomeness in a co-workers face to get them to enjoy the awesomeness with you doesn’t work… They just aren’t as awesome as we are it seems 🙂

    • Exactly. People just don’t understand the beauty of simple, plain things turning out exactly as they should. But that shouldn’t stop us from shoving knitting in their faces, ever.

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