Popping and Entrelac-ing

I was unfortunately without my camera this morning, so my iPhone did a bit of a stand-in. Sorry for the general phone-ness of these.  And the fact that’s it’s all just generally a slow push-in.  I was having a hard time being creative this morning.

2012-06-27 001

I was just too excited about the project I started yesterday to wait for Dan to bring the camera back home and take pictures of it later.

Grey Gardens from Knitty is exactly the accessory that every cute-ish nerdy girl with glasses wants to be able to pull off. We all want voluminous hair and awesome cat’s eye glasses that don’t look ridiculous and cute understated earrings and the self-confidence to walk out in public wearing a knitted turban.

2012-06-27 002

I only have the glasses part going for me so far, but I hoping that the stars will align by the time that I’m done so I can wear this thing out in public come fall.

I have never tried entrelac before, despite being enticed by several different projects. (Look here and here and tell me you can resist that square-y basketweave-y goodness. You can’t!) Something had always stopped me in the past, however, and it was probably the fact that I never really read the directions and just assumed that all of those little diagonal rectangles were somehow magical in nature. A common mistake.

2012-06-27 003

And let’s be honest, reading through the directions at first will do nothing to dissuade this feeling. You’ve just got to jump in with both needles and trust those directions, even if it feels like you’re just making a big mess at first. Turns out, short rows and picking up stitches are our friends here. If you can knit socks, you can knit entrelac. And you can spend the entire afternoon watching Firefly, eating trail mix, and knitting entrelac, if you want. How else do you spend your day off?

2012-06-27 004

I mean, look at that texture! It’s so soft and squishy and quilty and lovely. It’s addictive.

I know that the colors I chose here (K1C2 Parfait Swirls in 4777 from a bamillion years ago that’s just been sitting in the stash, waiting to be helpfully variegated for a small project) are a little dark, but I am a pale person who is generally afraid of bright colors, so we should be all good here. (My project is here on Ravelry for those so inclined.)

Today, we should be getting to the awesome twisty bit in the front. I am way too excited for this. I have a feeling that once I have to try to put this woolen turban thing on over my short, weird hair in the pretend-autumn 80 degree weather we have here in New Orleans I might lose a tiny bit of this enthusiasm. If only you could knit yourself some spare self-confidence. Problem solved.


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