Owl Updates

Yesterday, I went to the far-off distant land of Baton Rouge with some awesome work buddies to deliver a tiny stuffed animal to one of my favorite people. Does anyone need a reminder?

2013-05-23 011

Monsieur Bricolage made the trip along with us three booksellers, a boatload of cookies, and my mounting nervous energy to meet David Sedaris and hear him be incredibly funny in front of a whole bunch of people.

2013-05-30 094

And to be incredibly sweet and sincere in front of my friend Bailee and I. When I declared that I had made something for him and pulled out the owl-in-question, David Sedaris proclaimed him adorable and also laid down some suitable compliments in French. He wanted to know about how he was made, he asked us about our days, and he gave us stickers. (And that cute little bit of wordplay up there? “I can’t con-seal my affection for you.” Goddamn it, that’s so freaking cute I can’t stand it.)

Perhaps the most startling bit of delight occurred when David Sedaris then asked me for my address so that he could send me a thank you note.

Let me say that one more time. The greatest humorist of modern times wanted my address in order to send me a thank you note.

Cue the massive rush of happiness mixed with anxiety mixed with 18,000 other conflicting emotions that short-circuited me so hard that I just froze and lost my damn mind for a second.

I did eventually pick up a pen after what was approximately 1/24th of a second of utter electrical insanity in my brain. My hand was shaking so furiously that I had to concentrate on not turning out a serial-killer-type of scrawl that would have negated all of the goodwill that we built up in the previous five minutes. Mission accomplished.

He later did his reading and was just as dry and hilarious as I knew he would be. The entire experience left me utterly charmed. I know it’s a sad state of affairs when it’s refreshing to experience real moments with people who are truly sincere, but I am owning my plethora of elevated feelings here. It was completely awesome, in the strictest, most official meaning of the word. There was actual awe involved.

And stickers, too! Which make everything even better.


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