Late for Work Smoothies

2013-03-02 013

I decided that I would indulge in two treats this morning. One, that I would allow myself to post on my blog after just completing a 49-page paper about lupus. (Didn’t think that there was that much of interest to say about lupus? You’re right! But certain things must be overlooked in the interest of getting a nursing degree.)

Two, that I would enjoy a delicious smoothie made by the best smoothie-maker that lives in this house. By not me, of course. By Dan.

2013-03-02 008

Dan’s smoothies are always delicious, always unique (which made it hard to pin him down on measurements for this recipe), and always enacted at the very last minute, hence the title…Late for Work Smoothies.

Since both of our work and school demands shove us out of the house earlier and earlier every morning, this smoothie is the perfect thing to waste those last few precious moments on as you’re attempting to run out of the door. It’s relatively quick to put together, super healthy, and a tarty kick to your taste buds first thing in the morning.

2013-03-02 010

Let’s get with the smoothie-making!

Late for Work Smoothies
from Dan’s kitchen imagination

A word to the wise: Take all of the following ingredients and measurements with a grain of salt. Measurements are not as important to my better half as they are to my OCD-tendency self.

4 large ice cubes
heaping 1/3 cup frozen blueberries
heaping 1/3 cup frozen raspberries
2/3 cup oats
2/3 cup grape juice (but that’s just what we had on hand…you could substitute orange juice or cranberry juice and it’s just as delicious)
1/3 cup of pineapple juice, with some pineapple chunks thrown in, if you’re adventurous
1 whole banana (on the smallish side)
3 heaping scoops of fat-free vanilla yogurt (Let’s assume we all know what scoops means. We all do, right?)

Add ice cubes to blender and give them a few pulses to get the ice chopped up first. We found that this works best with our blender so that the resulting drink still has delicious bits of fruit and oatmeal without large, distracting ice chunks getting in the way.

Toss everything else into the blender and blend away on the ‘chop’ setting. Again, we want little evenly distributed bits of fruit and goodness, not a completely liquified mess. I particularly love a smoothie that’s got some tooth to it, and chewing on those tiny bits of oatmeal makes me happy.

Pour it into your travel cup of choice and run out the door!

2013-03-02 011

This recipe makes around 20 oz. of bright purple smoothie craziness, perfect for your hardcore smoothie enthusiast, or just enough for two to share if you just want a fancy drink with breakfast.

You can make the whole thing even more tart and tangy by leaving out the banana, if you wish. But really, all that banana and oatmeal in there is all the breakfast you need, keeping you all filled up and ready to go until lunch, especially if you need to perform the exceptionally dreary task of writing a paper about lupus.

Drink it up and be happy all morning!

2013-03-02 017