Love, a Day Late


I love the first sip of coconut bubble tea. I love the tiny crystal bunny that hangs in my car window that puts rainbows all over my steering wheel in the morning. I love the feeling of squishy garter stitch knitting underneath my needles. I love opening a new book for the first time. I love the moment right before a cake slides perfectly out of a Bundt pan.

I love the first strawberries of spring.

2013-02-15 058

I love butter and sugar.

2013-02-15 065

2013-02-15 068

I am also a really big fan of novelty cookie cutters.

2013-02-15 074

And making a huge mess of my countertop.

2013-02-15 059

I love looking down at my new cute apron. (Thanks again, Brittany!)

However, no matter what tiny amazing things capture my attention, there will never be anything I love more than making strawberry shortcake for the love of my life.

2013-02-15 072

2013-02-15 076

2013-02-15 082

Sweet scones. Strawberries with sugar. Fresh sweetened whipped cream. (Recipe from the Joy of Baking, by the by.)


Stack it all up, and then let someone else take better pictures than you can.


There we go. Much better.


Oops, make sure you let everyone on Facebook know that you made dessert first. That’ll make it extra romantic.


This man right here is responsible for the more artistic shots, of course. And for taking care of me when I need him to, making me laugh every single day, feeding me amazing spaghetti, knowing exactly the right presents to buy, going through flashcards for hours, letting me teach him how to knit, forcing me to ride my bike, having great taste in shoes, dancing masterfully around the kitchen, taking hundreds of pictures of the cat, and for just generally being an amazing person that I feel supremely lucky to have in my life.


Thank you. For eating strawberry shortcake with such gusto.


You’re my favorite.


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