Rice is Nice, But It’s Just a Grain

Remember last time when I apologized for not posting in a while, and it had been only, like, a month, or something?

Good times.

Nursing school started in August. Since my job didn’t stop, and neither did the rest of my life, blogging fell to the back burner. And then the counter. And then possibly fell onto the floor, because, frankly, I don’t have that much counter space around the stove.

Metaphors are fun!

Poor, poor blogging. Poor abandoned 365 Project. Poor us for not being able to eat all of the baked goods that I haven’t been making. Poor knitting…for…not being knitted. I guess that makes it just yarn.

Don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying school. Well, the actual work and learning part of it, at least. My competitive self is kicking ass and taking names, and I’m excited to see what comes next.

I’m here for the moment, and I’m skipping any more apologies, because who knows when I’ll be having another free afternoon and get to spend it in serious relaxing style (which for me means making a giant crockpot of chili with cornbread, playing a whole bunch of Guitar Hero, and then busting out the rice pudding).

2012-11-07 001

Woah. Rice pudding! Let’s take that back out of the parentheses!

2012-11-07 003

Rice pudding is delicious. And amazing. And just the perfect thing to eat when it’s getting slightly cooler outside (which in New Orleans is what really passes for fall). Joy the Baker‘s Brown Rice Rice Pudding is particularly fantastic, creamy stuff. Can I also say how much I like typing ‘Rice Rice’ like that?

However, rice pudding, in its individual steps, is not the most appetizing-looking stuff.

2012-11-07 006

Brown rice cooking. Here’s where we get our weird scummy bits and floating foam.

2012-11-07 019

Although, it does look tons more appetizing when it’s done.

(Full nerd disclosure: I sing this song while making anything involving rice in my kitchen. Tell me you can get through this video without chanting ‘Get wild!,’ and I will send you a special present. Maybe. In the meantime, just go watch Home Movies already.)

Back to the weirdness.

2012-11-07 017

Cinnamon and butter and honey plus cold milk equals weird-looking stuff…

2012-11-07 020

…which gets weirder…

2012-11-07 021

…and then starts to look sort of like Jupiter. I can’t be the only one who sees that.

2012-11-07 023

Then things get downright sinister before they get better.

2012-11-07 024

But only for a second.

2012-11-07 026

Raisins just don’t know how to belong just yet.

2012-11-07 028

And then we have the dreaded pudding skin. Blech.

Let’s speed this thing up a bit until we get to the good part, okay?

2012-11-07 030

2012-11-07 031

2012-11-07 033

Getting there.

2012-11-07 035

2012-11-07 037

Woo! A big pile of heaven, straight from the stove, smelling like buttery, cinnamon toast and exotic cardamom loveliness.

2012-11-07 040

Inbetween all of these steps, some knitting even happened.

2012-11-07 042

Crazy, I know! My fingers actually remembered what to do, which was a relief.

2012-11-07 044

And I remembered what else to do, obviously.

Now, if only I could get on track and somehow incorporate the blogging and picture-taking and cooking and baking back into my life of school and work, that would be something. I know that I’ll get a big break in December, so you guys should save up the cookie recipes for me so that I can get all the baking out of my system possible while I can.

Looking forward to it.

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