Crazy Stuff! The Versatile Blogger Award!

My lovely blogging pal Karen, AKA the Sweaty Knitter, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, and I must say I’m a little flummoxed. I never know how to deal with these things, so I am just going to be a nice normal person, and say, “Thank you!” Karen’s blog is a wealth of knitting and textile information and history, and she has probably forgotten more about knitting than I will ever learn. She is awesome. Go read her blog. Right now.

The Versatile Blogger Award!

As per the rules, here’s 15 blogs that I recently discovered and massively enjoy (in no particular order) that I know you’ll love, too, accompanied by my short, silly descriptions:

1. the Breakfast Bachelor – adorable breakfast musings from a lovely Brooklyn kitchen
2. the Modern Home Economist – fabulous quilting, knitting, and baking from Australia
3. Sweet & Crumby – drool-inducing homey baking and photography
4. 101 Books – reading the greatest books ever written, with a light dose of snark
5. the Missing Needle – knitting and spinning and pretties
6. the Soulsby Farm – farming and chickens, all kinds of how-to when you’re just getting started on your own garden
7. Books & Bowel Movements – oodles of books, photos, and charm (full disclosure: Cassie is my totally awesome pen pal. More people should be pen pals with us. We are interested in a movement.)
8. domestic diva, m.d. – all the joys of a handcrafted life, plus stress and awesome med school stories
9. Sadie & Dasie – daily inspiration for things I didn’t know I needed
10. Photo Nature Blog – gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous
11. made by mike – jealousy-inspiring baking and photography, and honey-flavored ice cream, goddamit! (It looks so good, it makes me mad. Seriously.)
12. Acorn in the Kitchen – exotic cuisine and awesome inspirational videos about the process of handmaking your life
13. the Burlesque Baker – with a title like that, do I really need to explain?
14. the Yellow House – this blog will make you want to throw a barbeque every day
15. barefoot rooster – knitting and wonderful genuine everyday silliness

Go read them. Right now. I’ll wait.

Geez, I need to get reading some more blogs in case this happens again (ha!), because I’m sure no one needs me to link them to the Yarn Harlot or Bakerella. Give me more, people!

Anyway, to completely fulfill the Versatile Blogger rules, now I have to disclose 7 things about myself, probably that I haven’t already expressed recently on this blog. Deep breath. Here we go.

1. After watching The Avengers, I spent (wasted? nope!) an inordinately long amount of time looking at pictures of Tom Hiddleston online and sighing.

This is embarrassing already.

2. I love bunnies. In a serious fan-girl type of way, even though I’ve never owned one. This information causes people to give me lots of bunny-related paraphernalia — including stuffed animals, figurines, tins, cookie cutters, and a crazy-awesome painting that’s in my living room. I don’t think this will ever get out of hand enough for me. Just no live bunnies, please. My cat will try to eat them.

3. I am going to be thirty this year, and I still get super excited about my birthday. Not like I expect people to get me things or really do anything special or anything, but I just love telling people when my birthday is (June 21st. *ahem*) and getting simple birthday wishes. Facebook has taken this off the deep end for me. I am trying to see how this isn’t selfish and weird, but I really don’t care at the same time. Birthdays are awesome.

4. Dan and I live in the newly remodeled version of the childhood home in which I grew up. I will turn corners and enter rooms sometimes and still get a flash of what it used to look like instead of how it looks now. It’s an odd sensation.

5. I just bought Pixar stamps today to put on my pen pal letters. They make me happy just sitting here on my desk.

6. Speaking of making me happy, my 365 Project is still going strong, I’m just not doing weekly updates with commentary anymore. Trust me, though, it’s all still good. Lots of pictures of vegetables, knitting, and my cat, just like the usual on here anyway.

7. Revenge is totally my new favorite thing on TV, maybe ever. I might talk all high and mighty, but fabulous trashy revengey TV is awesome and will always be awesome. Nolan is my favorite character, of course. I wish I had been around to watch when Dynasty was really up and kicking. That would have been great.

And we’re done! Thanks for getting through that if you actually did. Understand that the writing process for this one involved a whole lot of me staring out into space and wondering what wouldn’t sound completely insane. Now go read those other blogs. You’ll be glad you did.

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