Curried Cauliflower & Chickpeas…not so intimidating after all

Vegetables can be intimidating.

2012-05-31 002

Especially when they are large and have been living happily in your backyard until you ripped them out of the ground. Also, especially when they don’t particularly look like what the grocery store tells you they are supposed to look like.

2012-05-31 039

However, upon further investigations (looking for two seconds on Google Images), our cauliflower seems fairly standard for home-grown, but it was quite bizarre to me at first. It’s almost like a coral formation. A delicious one.

2012-05-31 040

Now, what to do with all this cauliflower? The boyfriend is not terribly into the texture of cauliflower, and I can only eat crudité with dip for so long.

Solution? Indian food!

I have always loved curried cauliflower and chickpeas (I found a great recipe here on Epicurious), and this would be my first attempt at making curry from scratch, so we made sure to thoroughly document the process.

2012-05-31 042

Including my “opening cans” face.

2012-05-31 052

And my “sauteing onions” face, which actually looks a lot like my “concentrating on knitting” face. Which is kind of a bitchface, unfortunately. I often suffer from chronic bitchface, and people ask me if I’m okay a lot. I’m usually just fine, just bitchface-y. Or concentrating on something. For more information about this terrible affliction, click here and educate yourself.

Do it.

2012-05-31 049

However, my bitchfaciness tends to go away when I’m narrating everything that I’m doing in my best Mr. Lunt from Veggie Tales voice. (Do you seriously not know the cheeseburger song? Go and watch right now. Seriously. Your life will be better. Done? Good.) There is video that exists of this (and also of me singing “His Cheeseburger” and giving it all I’ve got), but I’m not quite ready for that kind of intimacy. Sorry, Internet.

2012-05-31 054

A picture that doesn’t involve my face! Here’s our cast of characters for curried cauliflower and chickpeas: cauliflower and chickpeas, of course, diced tomatoes with green chiles, coconut milk, and cilantro. Not pictured: lots o’ curry powder and the onions that were already sizzling away in the pan.

Pictured, but not an ingredient: A nice little drink of Bailey’s on ice for me to enjoy while cooking. Sipping on a drink while you’re cooking is a fabulous thing. Only one, though. Two drinks while I’m cooking, and I’d probably end up with second-degree burns and a kitchen floor full of curry. Especially if the Mr. Lunt voice is already in effect.

2012-05-31 061

Apparently we skipped a little bit ahead here and forgot to capture some actual cooking. This is when the coconut milk is going in, ready to let the mixture boil away and thicken up, and for that cauliflower to steam and become tender and wonderful.

2012-05-31 070

Bubbling away.

2012-05-31 071

Adding the cilantro after the simmering is done…

2012-05-31 075

…and stirring it in…

2012-05-31 092

…and finally delivering it to impatient, hungry mouths over some cooked brown rice.

I was super duper happy with the way this came out, and even though the recipe says that there’s only 4 servings there, with the amount of cauliflower that our garden delivered to us, we’re still eating leftovers for lunch days later. The only thing that I’d change would be to perhaps use only one can of tomatoes with the chiles and leave the other one plain. Although I really love Indian spice, that might have just pushed it over the edge a little too much. We want spiced, not crazy spicy.

2012-05-31 085

I think there’s some in my future for lunch today, in fact. Feel free to be jealous. I know I would be.


7 thoughts on “Curried Cauliflower & Chickpeas…not so intimidating after all

    • Aw thanks! But, trust me, we are not nearly the farmers we dream to be yet. A lot of what I’m doing is sitting around going, “What is that? What is happening over there? I guess that’s supposed to happen.” Still totally clueless.

    • Ah, I can’t take credit for the recipe on this one. There’s a link back in the post to where I found it on Epicurious, so I don’t deserve an aloo gobi recipe switcharoo, even though I’d be excited to see one!

  1. oh, I missed the link! I’ll post mine when I catch up on a deadline dress! If you are in a hurry, I adapted it from the director’s cut of Bend it like Beckham. Bet you’d like it!

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