Floral Lace Anklets? Done!

2012-05-25 045

Why, hello there!

2012-05-25 017

That’s some nice lacy texture you’ve got going on there.

What’s your name?

2012-05-25 015

Floral Lace Anklets? Nice to meet you! Those toes sure look cozy.

2012-05-25 012

And those heels seem like they’d fit just right. Seems like you’d be great for romping out in the backyard.

2012-05-25 042

Except you are wool, and you are not meant to live with me forever (even though I’d like you to), so I will just pose delicately instead.

I know that my mom will love these, if I can bear to part with them. They went super fast, as lace seems to do for me for some reason. The Heritage is lovely stuff, and I can’t believe I waited this long to use it. This marks three projects that I’ve done so far from Lace Style, (Here’s my Lily of the Valley Shawl and Retro Redux Shrug), and there’s still eleventy-billion more that I’d like to try. Katharine Hepburn Cardigan, anyone? Gorgeous stuff. Maybe one day.


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