Don’t Leave Me Alone with Focaccia

2012-05-18 106

Out in the garden, my rosemary bush is going a little crazy. A lot of crazy. Delicious crackers aside (although they are definitely on deck), I needed something else to use all this wonderful stuff in.

2012-05-18 110

And I also needed my whole house to smell like rosemary. What exactly does rosemary smell like? Oily, sticky, piney…like the best parts of a forest came home with you.

2012-05-18 114

Focaccia seemed like just the ticket, especially to pair with the pasta that we made last night with fresh zucchini from the garden. The only recipe for it I’ve ever made before is the Easy Rosemary Foccacia from Farmgirl Fare, and although time-consuming, it is so, so worth it.

2012-05-18 117

Chop up a whole bunch of rosemary. Smell your hands with glee before washing them. I didn’t mean that to sound as gross as it does.

2012-05-18 119

Make a giant mess on your countertop while kneading dough and building up those arm muscles.

2012-05-18 121

Ensure a good rise by not only wrapping your container of dough in plastic wrap, but also in a warm, damp towel. I have had all kinds of bad luck with yeast in this kitchen, so I’m not taking any chances here.

2012-05-18 122

Success! But there’s still more to go, so don’t get too excited yet. You could still screw up. Good advice in the kitchen, and elsewhere.

2012-05-18 124

Pat out some dough ovals (doughvals?)

2012-05-18 126

…drizzle with olive oil and extra rosemary and pepper (which I put in there instead of cheese, so the whole house could enjoy)

2012-05-18 132

…and then celebrate!

I think we need to marvel at this from all angles, yes?

2012-05-18 129

2012-05-18 131

2012-05-18 134

2012-05-18 137

Hell yes.

2012-05-18 138

I had to try a teensy bit, of course, just to make sure it was finished all the way. I’m barricading myself from the rest of it until dinner-time. I can’t trust myself around this delicious, buttery, chewy stuff.

2012-05-18 142

Anybody got any good Italian sandwich recipes for this before I just shove it all unceremoniously into my mouth?


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