Just Peachy

So we all know there’s no way I finished those socks for my Mom by Sunday, but I did manage to accomplish something for Mother’s Day, and it was unintentionally pink! Double bonus!

2012-05-14 012

Peaches were tossed with sugar and cinnamon and cornstarch, as per Mistress Betty‘s instruction. (Can I seriously start calling her that now? It sounds so much more sordid, especially when it involves peaches and sugar.)

2012-05-14 016

Peaches were heated up until they formed a beautiful, accidentally pink, peachy syrup (because this is what happens when you refuse to peel the skins off of those peaches), and then poured carefully into a baking dish.

2012-05-14 018

“Carefully” more like it, because this was a result of pouring boiling hot peaches in a large pot with only one hand while holding the camera in the other hand. My camera has both a timer and a tripod attachment. I do not know why I physically cannot take advantage of these facts, but it never occurs to me. For some reason, I’d much rather risk crazy sugar burns. Which is incredibly stupid.

2012-05-14 021

Biscuit dough got dolloped (Dollopped? No.) on top, and the whole thing went into the oven, making my whole kitchen smell like summery, peachy goodness.

2012-05-14 027

Then some more knitting happened, so that my mom would be able to at least try on one sock to make sure that they met her seal of approval. She seemed super excited, so good news there. Now I just need to finish the other sock! (Mom’s Floral Lace Anklets on Ravelry, for all my knitters out there!)

I’m glad that she’s so appreciative of receiving handknit projects, especially socks, because finding those people who will actually wear and love the things you make in the way that you want them to love them is extremely rare. She deserves a new pair of handknit socks every single day, but my hands just can’t move that fast. This is the first thing that she’s ever really requested from me, and what I really wish is that you could knit true thankfulness and love into socks. Maybe you can. Maybe that’s what handknit socks are. Love and hugs, but for your feet.

2012-05-14 023

Back to the cobbler! Check that action out.

2012-05-14 034

Great heaps of this simple pink peachy cobbler were enjoyed by all. Here it is all gussied up, albeit on my messy kitchen counter, with sweetened whipped cream. Vanilla ice cream would also be insanely good.

2012-05-14 037

Hope that everyone to whom it applies had a super fun and happy Mother’s Day! Socks and peach cobbler for everyone!


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