Claudia Complete!

I made another hat!

2012-04-30 086

And then I laid on the grass in a sun for just a few seconds, because any longer than that would have given me a severe case of the itchies and the I-better-not-have-bugs-on-me twitch.

2012-04-30 069

Presenting Claudia, the little sister to the Knotty, but Nice that I made for Dan.

2012-04-30 075

The cabled border is not quite as big and bold, but still lovely in this organic wool goodness. That way, Dan and I can both wear our hats out without being too matchy-matchy.

Unfortunately, Dan and I already have the tendency to wear similar T-shirts with jeans when we got out in public. There was also a weird birthday incident where I went out in a dress that was strikingly similarly patterned to Dan’s shirt. I guess this is what happens when you date someone who doesn’t really care much about what they look like.

2012-04-30 101

I’m obviously speaking from both sides here. I’m a low-maintenance girl. Dan puts on hats that don’t fit him and still makes them look goooood.

My head is much bigger than his, so I’ll be able to steal both hats whenever I want, and Dan has no such luck, unless he doesn’t care much about being able to see. Yay for greed!

2012-04-30 073

I still have a tiny bit of this glorious yarn left over. I have no idea what to do. Slightly less than half a skein. Wristbands? More mug cozies? One fingerless glove? What what what? Two fingerless gloves would probably be better, wouldn’t it? Just as a whole, you know.


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