365 Project – Week 16

I didn’t take the first picture for this week. Dan did, but somehow I think I’ll be forgiven.

365 2012-04-14

Now, this might be cheating a bit, but no other moment that day or picture that could have been taken would have make me quite as happy as this.

That’s me. In the Curious George suit. I think at this particular moment, George was contemplating how to best set up his tent for his camping trip with the man with the yellow hat. It was awesome.

I was in the suit for about 30 minutes, and the little fan in the head that’s supposed to cool you off was not working. It came with an additional “fatty suit” to wear under it, but I decided that I had plenty enough padding on my own. All complaining aside, the little kids giving me big hugs afterward and waving goodbye to George made it all worth it.

365 2012-04-15

The Southwest Anklets bubbling away in a bath of Soak right before blocking. Is there a more satisfying feeling in a knitter’s life? Nope.

365 2012-04-16

My first crawfish since moving back to New Orleans. Oh, incredibly spicy potatoes that make my entire mouth burn with goodness! How I’ve missed you!

365 2012-04-17

More crunchy woolly goodness for a new hat, this time for yours truly.

365 2012-04-18

The beginnings of Claudia, the more delicate cabled partner to Dan’s Knotty, but Nice. I’m past the cable-y bits and right in the middle of the twisted ribbing and loving it.

365 2012-04-19

This little guy joined Dan, Bowie, and I during our breakfast, and he and Bowie talked a little squirrel-talk. I imagine it went like this:

Squirrel: Hello. I’m a squirrel.
Bowie: I want to eat you.
Squirrel: Hello. I’m still a squirrel, and I’m doing squirrel-type things. Right here. In front of your window.
Bowie: I want to eat your face right off.
Squirrel: I’m a squirrel!

That went on for several minutes as the squirrel investigated our window, our bikes, and the area where Dan sprinkled some birdseed while transplanting the bird feeder. Bowie was nonplussed, vibrating with instincts he did not quite understand.

365 2012-04-20

This is what happens after you get crazy rain for two days straight and then full on sunshine for two more. Your garden goes insane. The little garden bunny statue was an Easter gift from my parents, and he’s watching calmly as the cucumber intertwines the zucchini and the cauliflower becomes sentient and starts demanding human sacrifices.

Unfortunately, next week will not include a picture of me dressed up as a beloved children’s book character. It’s all downhill from here.


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