Design Choices, plus New Socks!

When we last left Jinger and her socks-in-progress, the mood was less than savory. Remember? Yeah, me, too.

It took a few days of pouting, but the agony of the situation is all over. And now I have some cute new socks!

2012-04-16 016

My newly completed Southwest Anklets. Nice, yes? And what’s that bright orange bit hiding under there?

2012-04-16 008

Bam! Orange toe!

Yep, went with the popular choice (not like I really needed too much convincing), and although it’ll always be that project for me, I’m still quite pleased with the results.

2012-04-16 011

I’m delighted with my stripe management here. I made a deliberate decision to not let the pair line up whatsoever. If you get it right, it’s so, so right, but if you get it slightly wrong…just barely mismatched stripes…I cringe just thinking about it.  That type of stuff bothers me to no end.

2012-04-16 025

It’s better to make a big decision and have it be a choice rather than a happenstance occurrence. Anybody else who has ever been in a design class (probably theatrical design in particular) knows exactly what I mean. Grab those irregular stripes and that crazy orange toe by the horns and own them.

2012-04-16 017

And then feel safe in knowing how few people will ever care or possibly even notice this tiny little point that you spent hours deliberating.

Then kick up your feet and enjoy the hell out of those socks.


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