365 Project – Week 15

I’m a bit late to post these this week, so I’m just going to get right to it, in all its leafy, fruity, crafty glory.

365 2012-04-07

Getting the dough prepped for my Dutch Apple Pie for our Easter picnic. Lovely stuff.

365 2012-04-08

My view while resting on a picnic table bench at the park during our lovely Easter picnic. I didn’t realize how much I missed Spanish moss while living in Colorado.

365 2012-04-09

Cucumber plants are just plain delightful.

365 2012-04-10

My cabbage is ready to explode out of the ground and into my kitchen. I’m so ready. I have my cole slaw recipe all picked out. (Sam’s Coleslaw: a Rough Recipe from A Sweet Spoonful for you curious types.)

365 2012-04-11

Working in a bookstore and having friends who do as well has its perks. I’m set for reading for the next little while. I wish I didn’t tear through the young reader stuff so fast.

365 2012-04-12

Dan and I took my mom out for some much deserved yogurt. Of course, this was only after we realized the marble slab ice cream place we originally wanted to go to was all closed up. I’ll stop pretending that this was an actual problem.

365 2012-04-13

I have more fun than I should when we make crafts with the kids at work. This is my totally awesome kite from last night, as should be self-explanatory, as modeled by the lovely Maria.

In other news, I totally wore a Curious George costume and pretended to, among other things, start a campfire, get sprayed by a skunk, and run up a tree. I do it all for the kids, guys. Seriously.


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