You have got to be bleeping kidding me.

So. This happened yesterday.

2012-04-09 140

Notice the fact that the toe of the sock is not yet done. And note the fact that I only have about 5 inches of yarn left. With no other stash of this particularly unique stripey yarn. See those hash marks on the bottom, and how there’s supposed to be two sets of eight of them…and there are only between 5 and 6?

That’s when my brain exploded a little bit.

After I relaxed for a second, and I put my brain back together, I pulled out some possible contenders to fill in the tiny bit of toe that’s left. Here’s are the least offensive choices:

2012-04-09 149

I’m leaning towards number 2 from the left. The ones on the right are more mottled, and I think that would just be a little too obvious. Number 1 on the left is lovely, but it has silk in it, and a toe is not where you want softness and cuddliness. A toe is where you want toughness and strength and kick-ass-ittude.

Number 2 is roughly in the same color family, just a bit more vibrant, very slightly mottled in this tone-on-tone sort of effect, and just some nice sturdy wool and rayon blend.

What do you guys think? Weigh in, and I’ll stop being angry and just finish the damn socks already.

This is what happens, Larry. This is what happens when I try to knit only from stash. Goddammit.


4 thoughts on “You have got to be bleeping kidding me.

  1. For the toe only? I think you are correct. I first thought about the first on the left but if it has silk in then it’s just wrong for the situation. I feel your pain, be strong knitter friend!

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