365 Project – Week 14

Well. It’s been a week of serious ups and downs.

And the ups! Oh boy, were they some delightful ups. Let’s take a look at them. Those that can be photographed, anyway.

Ups.  I just wanted to type it one more time.  What a weird little word.

365 2012-03-31

I was playing around with our tiny portable tripod to see if I could get a picture of all of my nails altogether, and I noticed that I had a cute, tiny spy watching me.

365 2012-04-01

Rodney’s Snowballs! A great way to finish a day of very sweaty and strenuous gardening. I’ve got cherry there, and Dan’s got some grape going on. Rodney’s, although very small and a tiny bit…dodgy, has always been my favorite place to go for snowballs. They put a gummy bear in the bottom of your cup so you have a little surprise at the end! Their ice cream flavor is my absolute favorite, but I wasn’t ready to have my whole mouth dyed yellow.

365 2012-04-02

Strawberry Shortcake! This was the extra pretty version that soon got toppled by way too much extra whipped cream. It was fantastic.

365 2012-04-03

Hooray! Got my acceptance letter for nursing school in the mail and promptly did a little dance in my chair. I can’t wait to be way too busy come fall. I wasn’t even peeved that they spelled my name wrong. Well, not much anyway.

365 2012-04-04

Banana bread, prepped and ready for the oven. I’ve started throwing all of our slightly soft bananas into the freezer as soon as it’s clear no one’s going to eat them and making lots of banana bread to slice up and freeze for later. It makes a great breakfast or snack, as long as you’re patient enough for it to defrost.

365 2012-04-05

Bowie in the early morning sunlight that creeps through our kitchen window. Although not much that morning, just the fact that the sun was shining at all was a relief.

365 2012-04-06

Nearing the toes on the second Southwest Anklet!

Here’s hoping that next week has just as many delightful up-related moments. I have a feeling it will. So far, there’s pie and potato salad, picnics, and a large Curious George costume in my future…what could go wrong?

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