365 Project – Week 12

Lots of reds happening this week. Tomatoes, beets, radishes, bright red couches, and burnt orange sock yarn.

365 2012-03-17

A radish! And a beet! There’s actually two other less photogenic radishes involved here, but these were just so perfect that I had to document them. It’s simultaneously weird and awesome to eat something that came out of the dirt in my backyard. I can’t wait to keep doing it.

365 2012-03-18

Frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti as part of our Sunday afternoon bike ride. Yum!

365 2012-03-19

Row of radishes waiting to get plumper and bigger and to jump onto our salad plates.

365 2012-03-20

Self-explanatory, yes? I hang my head in shame at that disappointed bunny.

365 2012-03-21

What to do on a rainy day? Eat BLTs and watch Shaun of the Dead. Of course.

365 2012-03-22

Sock #2 of the Southwest Anklets adventure! I want to slow down and make this project last longer, but I just can’t!

365 2012-03-23

That beet pictured earlier is now chopped up with some of its friends, added to some onions, and pickled here in some Mason jars. And it is delicious. And my hands are still slightly pinkish. The instruction to peel beets in any recipe must be a practical joke.

Up on deck today?  Perhaps weeding the garden and some more knitting?  Anyone want to go out for bubble tea later?  Anybody?