Knotty, But Nice


It’s a little bittersweet for me to post these pictures of Dan modeling his beautiful new hat in our green and not-at-all flooded with rainwater yard and garden. Unlike the current situation. We’ve been having nonstop thunderstorms for days. My radishes, carrots, and cucumbers were underwater for several hours, and probably still would be if not for Dan’s quick trench-digging and willingness to stand out in the rain with me to bail water out of the yard. We stopped once we had a whole trashcan full. It’s still a bit depressing.


All of that aside, look at that hat!


It’s my Knotty, But Nice specially made for my love (check out the Knitty pattern here) with some deliciously crunchy-granola-style organic wool (the Natick Community Organic Farm Worsted Wool) that was given to me by my dear friend Maddie years ago and hadn’t told me what it wanted to be yet. I think that this spin on traditional Celtic-style cables and love knots was just the ticket.


It even works nicely as a unisex option, of course, meaning that there will probably be several moments (once the weather requires it, obviously, which it won’t for several months…knitting a wool hat in the middle of muggy New Orleans spring is just not a good idea in general…oops) where the ownership of said hat is up for debate.

Have no fear, though. There’s another cable-y hat up on deck soon for yours truly out of the same wonderful traditional stuff (Claudia, for you other knitterly types). I’m looking forward to it.