I Am Mildly Obsessed with Rosemary Cornmeal Crackers and Sassy Blogger Ladies.

Sometimes you see the perfect recipe right at the perfect time in your life.

2012-03-15 378

Let’s say you’ve just started your own vegetable garden, complete with rosemary bush that was originally purchased for Christmas cheeriness and now is living a happy life next to some radishes, beets, and cabbage.

2012-03-15 363

Let’s say that this recipe is featured on a blog that also seems like it came around at just the perfect time in your life. Right after starting your own WordPress blog, you discover a sassy baker lady whose own blog is full of life, love, butter, and sugar — much like you wish your own to be. Movita Beaucoup. You experience that special type of jealousy-love-girl-crush that only exists in the food/craft blogging world. You want to make her a birthday cake. (Dude, Movita, I’m totally entering that contest.  And hopefully not embarrassing myself.)

Okay, maybe not you. But I sure did.

And then I made some crackers. Rosemary Cornmeal Crackers. Normally I would not think of baking something savory, but the idea of using my new access to fresh rosemary to make something Movita-worthy…well, it just had to be done.

2012-03-15 373

The warmth of the rosemary, the nutty crunch of the cornmeal, the crisp thinly-rolled dough…it was unlike anything else I’ve ever made.

And they certainly didn’t last very long.

2012-03-15 401

In addition to having them with topped with some salmon, spinach, and balsamic vinegar for dinner, Dan and I snacked on them constantly until they were completely gone a mere 40-something hours later. For something not containing chocolate, that might be a record in our house.

2012-03-15 384

I can’t wait to really get the garden going with more herbs so that I can try lots of different cracker combinations. Basil crackers? Oregano crackers? Thyme crackers? Sage crackers? I am unnecessarily excited.

Thank you, Movita. It’s all your fault.


7 thoughts on “I Am Mildly Obsessed with Rosemary Cornmeal Crackers and Sassy Blogger Ladies.

  1. Raising a glass to a) how awesome Movita Beaucoup is and b) taking a big ol’ sip in celebration of all of the sassy blogger ladies out there and c) your pics are friggin’ gorgeous 😉 Cheers from yet another sassy blogger lady on the web.

  2. Oh Lord, jealousy-love-girl-crushes – I’m glad to see they are a widespread phenomenon and I don’t have to hide mine any more. Of course, you are now on the list – these crackers looks outstandingly good. Sage and parmesan would also be epic, or lemon and thyme, or basil and pine nut… I, too, am unnecesarily excited.

    • Modern – Oh yes, they are. Addictive.

      Movita – You deserve it! I’m happy to make the day of awesome bloggers any time.

      Dirty Girls – Right on. Glass was raised, sipped, and emptied because I am incapable of just a sip. You guys are awesome sassy blogger ladies, too! We should start a club. (And thanks for the pics comment! I am not good at accepting compliments. I am blushing as we type.)

      Rock – Never hide your girl crushes. I think that Pinterest was founded on the concept of internet girl crushes. And all of those cracker combinations? Holy crap. I need a bigger garden.

      Thanks all of you guys for the comments! I’ve never had so many. I am a big dork and am flummoxed by the attention. If we were talking in person, I’d be bright red and stammering, I swear.

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