The BFBWBB. (And some confessions.)

I’m not good at keeping present secrets. When I get things for people that I know they’re going to enjoy, all I want to do is tell them instead of letting them open and receive the present like a normal person.


I want to ruin all surprises. I want to hint at things and make people guess and just generally be really annoying about it.  I can’t tell you why, so don’t ask.

I think that having a blog helps to curb the urge of calling people up and letting them know that I’m sending them something that I think is awesome.


With a blog, I can just passively post little teaser pictures about things under the guise of posting the little tidbits about my day that make me happy, and still get rid of that urge to spoil all surprises.


That way, if a surprise gets ruined, it’s totally not my fault. That person who clicked where they shouldn’t have…well, it’s all their fault. Of course.

I am a big jerk, apparently.



I made an awesome baby blanket! For some amazing future parents! For two of my favorite people in the entire world. Two of the smartest, funniest, most creative, most grounded individuals in the whole place. The Flynns! Mike and Maddie. I love you guys.

This blanket was stitched over many evenings in great anticipation of being dragged around by new baby Flynn. I believe that all knitted objects should be loved to death. To be worn out past the point of darning or restitching. That’s real knitting love.


Here’s the Ravelry link for the BFBWBB, because I think that long acronyms are really funny. The Baby Flynn BasketWeave Baby Blanket is a cotton-based exercise in sending love across the country to some people who really deserve it.

I wish that I could be there to see baby Flynn in person when the time comes, but I’m sure that Skype will help us out on that front. The world needs another witty, barefoot, ass-kicking D&D champion, and I’ll be so happy to meet them when they get here.


4 thoughts on “The BFBWBB. (And some confessions.)

  1. Need to print this out so I can put it in Baby Girl’s baby book. Thank you so much. I know she will love seeing her Aunt Jinger over skype on Sunday nights. Don’t think I will let my daughter slow my ass kicking down. I will just teach her early to go for the kidneys and leave no one alive.

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