Happy Happy Pi Day!

Being both a baking nerd and a more traditional nerd as well (see here for the proof if you need it), celebrating Pi Day is a complete no-brainer.

2012-03-14 186

During what other day do I get to recite math formulas to my boyfriend while baking something with delicious graham cracker crust?

2012-03-14 189

And happy, bright green, lime-y custard?

2012-03-14 197

And homemade sweetened whipped cream?

We might have to see some of that again.

2012-03-14 199

Oh yeah. That’s what it’s all about.

Pi Day is for making an otherwise boring calendar day into something filled with the scent of warm, buttery graham crackers and tropical fruit. It’s the perfect day for your favorite pie, mine being Key Lime, if you haven’t already guessed. No matter how much chocolate you can pack into a dessert, Key Lime Pie will always win out for me any day of the week. This one comes from my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook.

It was the perfect addition to our day. It’s been wet and muggy and hot and partly cloudy for days here in New Orleans, and this little pie really helped make the sun come out.

2012-03-14 207

It tastes like…childhood memories of spring and summer. Like hot, humid days and ice pops. (Otter Pops were always our brand of choice. I wonder if they still make those.)

2012-03-14 210

Like citronella candles and coconut sunblock. Like kickball games and jumping rope. Like swimming pools and fresh cut grass.

2012-03-14 211

It’s simultaneously creamy, sweet, tart, crunchy, and buttery…and it’s gone way too soon.

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Pi Day! Make one for yourself and have a bite of spring, even if it hasn’t come to you yet. It’s totally worth it.

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