I made Oreos! And they didn’t entirely suck!

I made cookies. Knowing me, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

2012-03-08 107

I made a mess in my kitchen. Also, nothing new. (Although, this time I took a page out of the Joy the Baker stylebook and documented it. Next time I should get up on a chair.)

2012-03-08 111

However, this crumbly, chocolatey dough was meant for something slightly different than my usual fare.

2012-03-08 120

Check that action out! Homemade Oreo cookies courtesy of Baking Bites‘s recipe. Dan and I have been known to cause some destruction on some Oreos (And has anyone noticed that the serving size for Oreos is only two cookies? Two? 2? You can’t know that and then still think that the world is a fair and just place. You just can’t…), and this week was Oreo’s 100th Birthday, as I found out from Cakespy’s extremely informative post. It seemed only fitting to give it a try.

2012-03-08 115

Let’s look past the fact that these cookies are not quite round. They are more oblong-ish, like swedish butter cookies that you find in tins during the holidays, which has no effect on their taste, because I am incapable of forming a round log of dough.

2012-03-08 116

The taste…I had mixed feelings about. The filling was spot on. Eerily so. It even leaves that not-terribly-unpleasant-but-still-strange-when-you-consider-it-came-out-of-my-KitchenAid-mixer oily feeling on your tongue after you enjoy it.

The chocolate cookie part…I think that my cocoa is somehow not cocoa-y enough. The texture was great, especially when dissolving in a glass of cold milk, but it seemed like things just needed to be a lot darker and richer. These taste like Oreos in the same way that Hydrox tastes like Oreos. As in, sort of. (We totally had Hydrox in our house on occasion when I was a kid, but really, it’s just no comparision now. Oreo owns our hearts.)

They did start to verge on Oreo-y goodness when you shoved the entire thing in your mouth and just went to town on it without milk or without thinking about it too hard.

2012-03-08 117

Not to say we didn’t enjoy them, of course. They’re just as good the day after, by the by. And there’s plenty more dough in the freezer to make more when the spirit hits.

2012-03-08 118

So what’s the advice from the fellow bakers out there? How do we get a more chocolatey Oreo flavor here? Do I find a better cocoa instead of taking the easier and cheaper way out? Do we employ some type of chocolate shavings, pieces, or syrup? Inquiring minds need to know!


2 thoughts on “I made Oreos! And they didn’t entirely suck!

  1. I’ve been thinking about trying to make Oreos. They mucked them all up when they took the transfats out. Anyway, I wanted to comment because what you need to add to your cookie dough is ‘black onyx cocoa’. When I first saw it a couple of years ago, they even described it as “Oreo cocoa”. It looks a bit like coal dust. I got mine here: http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/spices/cocoablk.html And now you’ve given me a reason to try it out!

    • I used to live in Boulder, walking distance from Savory Spice Shop! If only I had known Oreos would be in my near-ish future…I would’ve stocked up before heading down here!

      Thanks so much for the suggestion. I wonder what other treats it would be good for. And how much other trouble I can get myself into on that website.

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