365 Project – Week 9

After a whole week of photos not containing food (I don’t think sake really counts), here comes a whole bunch to ruin all that progress. Only homemade food, though. I think that counts for something. Right?

Probably not.

365 2012-02-25

Blocking wires make life easier. There’s not much else to say.

365 2012-02-26

A slightly out-of-focus rose bud, the very first one from the rose bush/tree-thing that Dan got me for Valentine’s Day. Right now, it takes up a place of honor on the edge of our vegetable garden, waiting for spring to properly take hold.

365 2012-02-27

I finally got off of my butt in the morning and made myself a protein-packed breakfast, worthy of admiration from many a food-blogger (particularly you, mixxedtape, your breakfasts make me rather jealous every morning). Quinoa, tomatoes, and onions, with a poached egg and wheat wrap…kind of an off-the-top of my head huevos rancheros (something I really miss about Colorado is not being able to order this in almost any restaurant…).

365 2012-02-28

Baby blanket! Finished up my special project for the upcoming special baby! More coming later, after all gifts have been sent, so as to ruin any surprises. For those of you who hate to wait for surprises (and any expectant parents should definitely NOT click any further), check out the Ravelry page.

365 2012-02-29

Made pizza with my love. You can see the pretty clear delineation of cheese vs. no-cheese here, one of the many weirdnesses I’ve learned to live with and love about my Daniel.

365 2012-03-01

My mom bonding with Bowie. He loves when she comes around and always comes out of whatever hiding place he’s in to come and find her when she’s around.

365 2012-03-02

I fancied myself a genius today when I came up with a better system for letting my freshly-cleaned records dry than perching them up on the corners of books like I’ve been doing. I cut up some toilet paper rolls and used them as spacers, letting me stack up a whole bunch to dry in a much smaller space. I can’t believe I’ve been working on this for this many months and it took me this long to figure out a better way. Geez.

Onto the rest of the day…more record cleaning, more watching Misfits on Hulu, going to work at some point, and trying to convince myself that I shouldn’t make these amazing-looking homemade Oreos. Not just yet. I suspect I might lose that battle eventually.


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