365 Project – Week 8

There was a whole lot of out-and-about this week, so sorry for the whole boatload of iPhone pictures.

365 2012-02-18

This is how every great dinner with friends should start. Toasting sake with our visiting friend Erin during his first-ever Mardi Gras.

365 2012-02-19

My new bean sprout looks like a dragon! Growing vegetables is cooler than I thought it would be.

365 2012-02-20

A girl in a platinum blonde bobbed wig wearing fuzzy underpants, silver high-tops, and furry antenna riding an alligator bike. I love New Orleans.

365 2012-02-21

Mardi Gras day! Listening to the FDNY Bagpipe Band at the beginning of Rex made me almost tear up a little. However, it does feel a bit ridiculous to stand next to these very large, very dashing men while you’re wearing bunny ears.

365 2012-02-22

Bowie decided that I wasn’t busy enough while reading in my armchair, and that I needed to add petting to the activity.

365 2012-02-23

One of my favorite catches from Mardi Gras. Imagine…all of the thrill of bowling without rolling a ball. I can’t wait. This paragraph has no exclamation points because I am being sarcastic.

365 2012-02-24

Just a tiny part of our giant haul from Mardi Gras. Even after packaging up a whole bunch to send to friends back in Colorado, there’s still a ridiculous amount of plastic trinkets in my attic.

Now that Mardi Gras is over, life will probably calm down a little bit. Now I’ve got my nursing school interview to look forward to next month, plus some fun finished projects to show off soon!


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