365 Project – Week 7

Another week — more homemade food, gardening projects, and Valentine’s Day silliness!

365 2012-02-11

I know, we’re right back on food again! I couldn’t help it. Dan came up with these little smoked salmon, spinach, and balsamic vinegar on delicious Triscuits canape-things, and they were faaaantastic.

365 2012-02-12

A lazy Sunday morning spent drinking coffee and playing Hangman on the backs of envelopes.

365 2012-02-13

Bowie helped me eat my breakfast one morning by keeping an eye on the birds outside. They might get a shot at my Cheerios before he did, apparently.

365 2012-02-14

Ingredients for a great Valentine’s Day at home? Tacos, When Harry Met Sally, homemade cards, and chocolate lava cakes.

365 2012-02-15

A belated Valentine’s day gift from my love! Pink roses and white carnations making our kitchen table all pretty.

365 2012-02-16

Burgers with red peppers and spinach with fabulous lemony, garlicy green beans and peppers on the side (courtesy of everybody likes sandwiches‘s great recipe), and watching The Wrestler. A great way to end an afternoon of gardening. The green beans were from my dad’s own vegetable garden! I can’t wait until we get some of our own.

365 2012-02-17

A row of onion bulbs, now planted, watered, and hopefully soon sprouting in our vegetable garden.

So far, the garden’s got beets, cabbage, onions, radishes, basil, a rosemary bush, and a rose tree/bush-thing. Happy, happy, happy Jinger! Hopefully they all properly grow now. Fingers crossed.


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