365 Project – Week 6

Documenting the tiny things in your life that make you happy can get a bit tedious. And also make you realize just how much food makes you happy. Because you take an awful lot of pictures of food that you then ate. As in, a lot more than other things. And then that makes you get a little bit worried about yourself.

This week features three pictures of food, and then one picture of food that is not yet food but will be food after it grows for a little while. There may be a problem here.


365 2012-02-04

I have a guilty pleasure confession to make. I really love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, even though I myself do not actually wear makeup. Except maybe for some Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker on occasion. Lauren Luke is totally my favorite. She’s adorable.

365 2012-02-05

Tamales are not photogenic, but they are freaking delicious. Part of my family’s old Super Bowl party tradition involves a mass assembly line situation to make these delicious Manuel’s-esque tamales. We brought it back this year for the first time in a really long time, and they came out great!

365 2012-02-06

Swallowtail Schmawl is totally shaping up. Onto the border charts! And, yes, I’m making it through those nupps without wanting to murder someone. Hopefully.

365 2012-02-07

Radish sprout!

365 2012-02-08

Homemade banana bread plus a cup of coffee. A lovely night at home.

365 2012-02-09

A visit to Sucré for some pistachio gelato, super dark hot chocolate, and fancy chocolates that will take some willpower to make last the weekend.

365 2012-02-10

Dan’s first Mardi Gras parade ever! Saw Excaliber and caught a ridiculous amount of plastic things that now need places in our house. I can’t wait to get some more and then wonder why I need to keep it all and where it’s going to go. It was rainy and freezing cold, and we ended the night by watching a cop stop the parade by interrogating some float riders. There was a lot of yelling and pointing and more yelling, and we decided to head out before seeing that very last float roll angrily down the street.


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