365 Project – Week 5

This was definitely a week of surprises. Ups and downs and wonderful gestures from some wonderful people. Let’s get started.

365 2012-01-28

I made my first mistake on my project and forgot to take a picture on the 28th. Boo. Fortunately, early the next morning, I reassembled the tableau of what pleased me the night before, Harry Potter and chamomile tea. The next day, I suffered taunts at the bookstore for being the only person who works there who hadn’t read Harry Potter yet.

365 2012-01-29

My current favorite wine. Yum.

365 2012-01-30

Nicely out-of-focus, yes? The first tiny seedling to raise its head out of my planter box. Lettuce. Since then, radishes, bunny tails, and some herbs have joined the fun.

365 2012-01-31

Cooking up some Eggplant and Tomato Pasta courtesy of the Pioneer Woman for work lunches. Delish.

365 2012-02-01

A wonderful surprise in my mail from my brother’s girlfriend! I lent a copy of this book to someone in my knitting group (and of course, now I can’t remember to whom), and it’s out of print. She dug up a copy as a thank you gift for staying with us over Christmas. It’s definitely a gift I don’t feel like I deserve, but am so pleased to have. More stockings for everyone!

365 2012-02-02

A surprise free show from Darrell Hammond at House of Blues? Fantastic!

365 2012-02-03

A crazy thing happened today. I received another gift that I don’t feel like I deserve. Holy schamoly! I know that I blushed uncontrollably and stammered “Thank you,” about 20 times, but I hope that everyone at work knows how much I appreciate it and how good the whole thing makes me feel. I really feel like part of a community now.


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