365 Project – Week 4

Remember when I used to blog about things other than my 365 Project?

365 2012-01-21

Me neither.

Finally getting to see my best friend’s band play for the first time in six years? Awesome. The Ghostwood show was so much fun, especially seeing all kinds of people that I’ve missed for so long.

365 2012-01-22

Horse! A lazy afternoon at the New Orleans Fairgrounds. Fun was had by all. No betting necessary, really.

365 2012-01-23

Chocolate frozen yogurt with Cost Plus World Market Pepperkakor on top? Delicious!

365 2012-01-24

I’m tinkering around with a super secret project for a super special baby. If you are potential parents of a special baby, look away! It’s a secret.

365 2012-01-25

Dan peeking under our burger concoction/experiment to see how things are going. He said that this was his favorite photo of the process. I was more partial to one involving smiling.

365 2012-01-26

When Dan and I have a morning off together, Bowie always seems to know right away and makes room for himself under the sheets. Best cat ever. He looks like a little toy right here. (Sorry for the graininess, also. iPhone pics only first thing in the morning.)

365 2012-01-27

Our vegetable garden project kicked off yesterday with Dan digging a giant hole in our backyard. Today, seeds were planted, packets were organized, mini-greenhouses were set in a warm place near a window, and journaling commenced. I am super excited, and only managed to cut myself on something that seemed unable to do such a thing once. A triumph of the human spirit.


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