Swallowtail Schmawl

Now that I got my fingers warmed up on a little bit of garter stitch baby blanket action, I was ready to tackle my first new project of the year.

2012-01-19 053

While working on this in the break room at work, a co-worker asked me, “What are you working on?”

“Oh, a small shawl-type thing…” (I trail off, digging for the picture and mumbling something about kerchief-shaped scarves.)

“So…a schmawl?”


So, here’s what has now been lovingly dubbed my Swallowtail Schmawl. As linked before, the pattern is the gorgeous Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark and featured in Interweave Knits. Normally, it’s made in a light, floaty alpaca, but I decided that the soft, silky, slightly crunchy and heavier Sunsilk Lace had a drape and a heft that would make this project something slightly less frilly and feminine and more luxurious and indulgent.

That was a very long sentence with a lot of and‘s in it.

2012-01-19 056

I’m nearly to the end of the second chart, and even though I’m running out of stitch markers, I’m still enjoying myself immensely.

Now I just need to pace myself. At the rate I’m going, I’ll tear through this way too fast and be forced to buy new yarn instead of working my way through my stash as originally planned for this year. I’ll just try to take deep breaths.


2 thoughts on “Swallowtail Schmawl

  1. Love the swallowtail….I have made two. And yes, somehow it goes so fast. Not sure why, being that it is all lace and bobbles. Maybe it’s the addicting nature of the stitches. And the therapy of it all…..now I want to cast on again for another one! Enjoy it. I too am in a stash busting year….trying to take it slow as my stash is small.

    • I think part of it, too, has to do with the fact that the charts are relatively tiny. Slogging your way through a 50-row chart seems like a lot more work for some reason than doing a 6-row one 10 times. All those little checkmarks add up fast.

      My stash isn’t very big either, but it had some project-worthy stuff in there, mostly socks and the like, which I’ll be embarking on soon, I guess. I’m trying to be creative and make complicated stuff that’ll take me longer and it’ll feel like I’m knitting more. Maybe. This plan is probably flawed.

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