365 Project – Week 2

Here’s our latest installment!

365 2012-01-07

A large amount of joy is brought to me every week when we make fun crafts at work with the kids. These little toilet paper roll robots were no exception.

365 2012-01-08

Dan and I have a rummy ritual that used to involve our local laundromat and a lot of trash-talking. The laundromat part has long gone ever since we moved to a grown-up apartment, and now, a house, but the trash-talk continues. Don’t be deceived by that little smile on his face. He probably just got finished swearing at the cards for giving me that ace of spades on top.

I did win that hand, by the way.

365 2012-01-09

The first knitting I’ve done this year — the continuing work on FutureBlanket. I just needed a little garter stitch to ease me in. It feels like my fingers aren’t working quite right lately.

365 2012-01-10

I love hand-winding new yarn for new projects. This is the beginnings of my Swallowtail Shawl, made out of SunSilk Lace by Sunshine Yarns. This gorgeous yarn has been sitting on the stash pile for far too long. It is lusciously soft and shiny, and I’m so excited to really get going on this.

365 2012-01-11

The workings of my veggie sandwich lunch for the day. Those carrots are so freaking orange.

365 2012-01-12

Dan made me a brain food smoothie with raspberries and blueberries that morning. I don’t know if it made me any smarter, but it was definitely tangy and yummy.

365 2012-01-13

Nursing School application completed, packed up, and sent today! Woo! Now the waiting process begins for the interview, etc. Isn’t that always how it is? One weight off your shoulders to just be replaced by a new one? Indeed.


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