365 Project – Week 4

Remember when I used to blog about things other than my 365 Project?

365 2012-01-21

Me neither.

Finally getting to see my best friend’s band play for the first time in six years? Awesome. The Ghostwood show was so much fun, especially seeing all kinds of people that I’ve missed for so long.

365 2012-01-22

Horse! A lazy afternoon at the New Orleans Fairgrounds. Fun was had by all. No betting necessary, really.

365 2012-01-23

Chocolate frozen yogurt with Cost Plus World Market Pepperkakor on top? Delicious!

365 2012-01-24

I’m tinkering around with a super secret project for a super special baby. If you are potential parents of a special baby, look away! It’s a secret.

365 2012-01-25

Dan peeking under our burger concoction/experiment to see how things are going. He said that this was his favorite photo of the process. I was more partial to one involving smiling.

365 2012-01-26

When Dan and I have a morning off together, Bowie always seems to know right away and makes room for himself under the sheets. Best cat ever. He looks like a little toy right here. (Sorry for the graininess, also. iPhone pics only first thing in the morning.)

365 2012-01-27

Our vegetable garden project kicked off yesterday with Dan digging a giant hole in our backyard. Today, seeds were planted, packets were organized, mini-greenhouses were set in a warm place near a window, and journaling commenced. I am super excited, and only managed to cut myself on something that seemed unable to do such a thing once. A triumph of the human spirit.

365 Project – Week 3

It’s Friday. It’s time for 365. Actually, 365 is a bit of a misnomer because 2012 is a leap year, but I can’t bring myself to change all my titles now.

365 2012-01-14

I’ve been trying to make an effort to ‘eat my colors,’ even though saying the phrase out loud sort of makes me cringe. But look at all that color in my little lunch! Tomato soup, steamed broccoli, and homemade wheat bread. Delish!

365 2012-01-15

Bike riding at the lake and sharing coffee with my love. We were watching the sail boats.

365 2012-01-16

I love making crafts for work! This is a little Knuffle Bunny cut-and-paste page for the kids to play with after we read the story next week. If you like children’s books, and you haven’t heard of Knuffle Bunny, you should really go and investigate.

365 2012-01-17

Impromptu sushi lunch with Dan!

365 2012-01-18

The hunter stalks its prey. Or actually, the tiny housecat stalks his Kong Wubba Hugga. It sounds less dramatic that way.

365 2012-01-19

Silky lace, stitch markers, and oversized cuffs.

365 2012-01-20

Raspberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie via Martha Stewart. It’s quite tasty and filling so far. I need some more exciting straws.

That’s the wrap up for week 3! So far, what I’ve been discovering the most since doing this project is that I can’t really take pictures of a lot of the things that really make me happy each day. Finally feeling like I got that weird yoga pose right, Dan’s smile while he washes the dishes, giggling with my co-workers, the sound of Bowie’s bell jingling around the house as he tries to find me…these things are non-capturable. However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying. It only intensifies my resolve to pay attention to those tiny details before they slip away.

Swallowtail Schmawl

Now that I got my fingers warmed up on a little bit of garter stitch baby blanket action, I was ready to tackle my first new project of the year.

2012-01-19 053

While working on this in the break room at work, a co-worker asked me, “What are you working on?”

“Oh, a small shawl-type thing…” (I trail off, digging for the picture and mumbling something about kerchief-shaped scarves.)

“So…a schmawl?”


So, here’s what has now been lovingly dubbed my Swallowtail Schmawl. As linked before, the pattern is the gorgeous Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark and featured in Interweave Knits. Normally, it’s made in a light, floaty alpaca, but I decided that the soft, silky, slightly crunchy and heavier Sunsilk Lace had a drape and a heft that would make this project something slightly less frilly and feminine and more luxurious and indulgent.

That was a very long sentence with a lot of and‘s in it.

2012-01-19 056

I’m nearly to the end of the second chart, and even though I’m running out of stitch markers, I’m still enjoying myself immensely.

Now I just need to pace myself. At the rate I’m going, I’ll tear through this way too fast and be forced to buy new yarn instead of working my way through my stash as originally planned for this year. I’ll just try to take deep breaths.

365 Project – Week 2

Here’s our latest installment!

365 2012-01-07

A large amount of joy is brought to me every week when we make fun crafts at work with the kids. These little toilet paper roll robots were no exception.

365 2012-01-08

Dan and I have a rummy ritual that used to involve our local laundromat and a lot of trash-talking. The laundromat part has long gone ever since we moved to a grown-up apartment, and now, a house, but the trash-talk continues. Don’t be deceived by that little smile on his face. He probably just got finished swearing at the cards for giving me that ace of spades on top.

I did win that hand, by the way.

365 2012-01-09

The first knitting I’ve done this year — the continuing work on FutureBlanket. I just needed a little garter stitch to ease me in. It feels like my fingers aren’t working quite right lately.

365 2012-01-10

I love hand-winding new yarn for new projects. This is the beginnings of my Swallowtail Shawl, made out of SunSilk Lace by Sunshine Yarns. This gorgeous yarn has been sitting on the stash pile for far too long. It is lusciously soft and shiny, and I’m so excited to really get going on this.

365 2012-01-11

The workings of my veggie sandwich lunch for the day. Those carrots are so freaking orange.

365 2012-01-12

Dan made me a brain food smoothie with raspberries and blueberries that morning. I don’t know if it made me any smarter, but it was definitely tangy and yummy.

365 2012-01-13

Nursing School application completed, packed up, and sent today! Woo! Now the waiting process begins for the interview, etc. Isn’t that always how it is? One weight off your shoulders to just be replaced by a new one? Indeed.

365 Project – end of week 1

I’ve decided that weekly updates are going to be the best way to do this. Actually, every other blogger I’ve ever seen who’s been consistent and had a fabulous 365 project updated weekly, so I’m actually just stealing their ideas and pretending they’re my own. There.

365 2012-01-04

Finishing up the last book, Mockingjay, of The Hunger Games at Morning Call with a cup of café au lait. To say that I am excited about the upcoming movie is a ridiculous understatement.

365 2012-01-05

Bike riding in City Park with my love.

365 2012-01-06

This tiny face was the one that greeted me this morning to remind me that I had to take down all the Christmas decorations. Bowie is the best cat in the world. Hands down.

Now that I’ve taken all of the Christmas decorations now and spent some real quality time with my attic, I’m procrastinating on writing my nursing school application essay. This involves Modern Family and Glee on Hulu, apparently, along with the mounting anxiety that I feel whenever I attempt something I care about. Back to it.

New Year, New Project

While everyone was busy being thankful for the last year on their blogs, all I could think was (inbetween lusting after gorgeous photos of cakes and cookies and crafts and sweaters), “Man. My last year wasn’t all that fantastic.” No big projects completed that I was super proud of, especially in the knitting world. No huge job promotions. No turning of my life in a new and surprisingly amazing direction. We just trucked on like we always do, taking the changes and challenges on in-stride, but not being particularly inspirational or inspired. I got good grades, I designed and painted things, I typed a lot and took a lot of pictures of things, but nothing that bubbled to the surface while looking through all those wonderful accounts of the past year.

All I could dwell on were the negative aspects of 2011. To me, this is not surprising, as I tend to worry more about the world than most people. We moved across the country, and things have not exactly lived up to our expectations, and I feel like we are often struggling with this new life, especially monetarily. I worked hard at school and discovered upon moving back that most of the work that I had done had done nothing to move me further to my goal of nursing school. I have managed to get an entry-level job that I enjoy, don’t get me wrong, but that doesn’t really have anything to do with what I’ve studied in the past or am currently working toward. I helped to develop a great one-man show, but didn’t actually get to see it or help to create its production, due to the crappy, crappy timing of life. I know these things sound an awful lot like whining. I have no excuse, except that sometimes everyone needs the opportunity to whine.

Because of these factors, Dan and I have resolved to work harder to find the simple pleasures in our new life. To concentrate on the little things that we have and do that make us happy so that we can find happiness in each other and in the world, even though things might seem like they totally suck.

To encourage myself to embrace this, I started a 365 project where I am taking a picture everyday of something that makes me happy at some particular moment that day. I feel like further explanation of this concept would rob me of the joy of it, so here we go:

365 2012-01-01

Starting the new year off right with green tea and toast made by Dan (the only way to enjoy it, I think). Dan’s mom had sent us a Pepperidge-Farm-style basket with fancy little jellies in it, so I decided to have some with my toast that morning. Fancy grape jelly = happy Jinger.

365 2012-01-02

Dan and I broke out our new Zoku popsicle maker last night and made some apple juice popsicles. The process is quite intoxicating, with how meticulous and magical the freezing of those little pops seems.

365 2012-01-03

For Christmas, Dan got me some Steampunk-esque dice for D&D. This…is a huge step for Dan. Dan does not really like D&D and does not really understand why I love it so much (although he understands a little more after reading my post about it). For him to give me a gift that enriches my D&D experience, and that’s the only purpose for it…well…I was pretty much speechless for joyousness.

There we go. Here’s to new beginnings and new projects and new ways to find happiness and make this new life here in New Orleans something that I’ll look upon fondly at New Year’s 2013. I’ll stop whining now, I promise.