Cookies & Comfort

Sometimes there’s really nothing that makes you want to leave the bed in the morning. You might still be exhausted, even after supposedly sleeping all night, because your brain never leaves you alone. The bed might be too soft and comfortable compared to stepping outside of it. The idea of doing anything other than nothing seems like a really bad idea, because nothing lately has been going the way that it’s supposed to.

What do you do? When your eyes still aren’t opening fully? Bake cookies.

2011-09-27 016

Sometimes there just isn’t anything better to do at 7:00 AM. Sometimes you need to make yourself get up just so that butter and those eggs can get to room temperature, otherwise your cookies will just not hack it.

2011-09-27 013

Dewy eggs and a bit of a rainbow on my butter wrapper. Already the morning is a bit brighter.

I always take a bit of solace in that line from Julie & Julia: “You know what I love about cooking? I love that after a day when nothing is sure, and when I say nothing, I mean nothing. You can come home and absolutely know that if you add egg yolks to chocolate and sugar and milk, it will get thick. That’s such a comfort.” (It’s one of those movies that I often turn on when I’m baking. Is that too meta?  I already know it’s really dorky.)

2011-09-27 020

I hope that the act of creaming butter into sugar will always a similar effect on me.

2011-09-27 026

Should we just stop now before the raw eggs go in? Yum.

2011-09-27 028

Is there anyone else like me who doesn’t bake professionally, yet buys chocolate chips in bulk from Sam’s Club? I’m not ashamed. I’m owning it. These things are fabulous. I’m one step away from getting those huge dog-food-sized bags of flour and sugar next time.

2011-09-27 038

Chocolate chips make the harder parts of life easier to get through.

2011-09-27 036

Also, my cookie scoop.

2011-09-27 034

It makes all the cookies roughly the same size. This makes me unreasonably happy.  Most people don’t care about things like this, but when you combine my slight-OCD tendencies to want to make these chocolate chip cookies just as pretty as Bakerella’s (ha! impossible!), plus the fact that I really dislike getting my hands dirty, the cookie scoop is a wonderful little tool.

2011-09-27 040

Part of what’s so great about Bakerella’s recipe is that she stops halfway through to sprinkle more chocolate chips on top. With my larger chips, they didn’t come out nearly as pretty, but the cookies stayed chewy and gooey and melty and delicious long after they reached their destination.

2011-09-27 047

Cookie! In your face!

2011-09-27 050

Milliseconds later. They taste like all the best things about chewy Chips Ahoy, but way, waaaaay better. They taste like warmth and sweetness. They taste like chocolate, vanilla, and butter.

2011-09-27 056

They taste like comfort.

2011-09-27 061

My cat is jealous. As am I, because right after these cooled off, they got packed up and sent along to Dan’s hungry coworkers. I did get to eat a few, but just not enough. Never enough.

I might need to make more.

2011-09-27 049



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