Morning Ritual Tryout – Apple Pancakes

Because Dan and I have such different work schedules, we try to make the little time that we have together slightly special. But only slightly.  Don’t know why, but I feel like this requires pancakes.

2011-09-04 091

Wow, I’ve gotten much better at making pancakes. These are almost IHOP consistency. (Don’t laugh. IHOP is freaking delicious and everyone knows it.)

Now, this isn’t exactly a ritual yet, but it needs to be.

2011-09-04 093

Combining the basic pancake recipe from The Big Book of Breakfast (which might be my favorite cookbook ever, no pictures or anything, but, oh dear, so much breakfast), with some apples cooked all up in some butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, might be the best way to start a morning together.

2011-09-04 090

Even though it does make it almost intolerably hot in the kitchen for a little while.  I do love my gas stove, but it’s hard to love something that makes your face so hot.

2011-09-04 097

What? Let’s look again.

2011-09-04 096


2011-09-04 100

Should this be our new whichever-morning-we-might-get-to-spend-together ritual? I think so. Followed up by going to get granitas at PJ’s at some point? Yes.

2011-09-04 101

Dan likes his apples with extra apples. Right on.

The only problem is that I always end up making 4-5 too many pancakes and keeping them in the freezer where they call to me as I pass by the kitchen. They tell me that it’s okay to have pancakes for lunch. They are dirty liars. But delicious liars.

Oh man, I need to stop spending so much time at home.

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