Challenge Accepted

For me, part of baking (and really almost any hobby that I try to tackle) is trying to accomplish something that seems difficult. I realize that a large section of baking and cooking in general falls into this category since I’m not exactly an expert, but part of the fun is challenging myself. When my dad didn’t show any particular interest in what his birthday dessert should be, and Dan suggested apple pie, I knew this was a “challenge accepted” type of situation.

2011-09-17 002

Is it just me, or doesn’t this apple look quite pretty in my apple corer?

I’ve never made a double-crusted fruit pie before. Only pumpkin pie, at which I’ve actually grown quite proficient thanks to Libby’s Pumpkin Pie recipe on the back of the can and Joy the Baker‘s awesome no-roll pie crust. This, however, was going to actually take more finesse than I typically exhibit. I had to go for the big guns.  The classy touch.  The Betty Crocker cookbook.

2011-09-17 004

I needed practice.  In learning the things that all bakers seem to instinctive know but that doesn’t come naturally to me.  Like, in cutting and peeling things properly.

2011-09-17 007

And making crust. Crust that doesn’t fall apart and rip at the merest touch.

2011-09-17 010

Nearly there, but I think that my rolling pin is working against me. I bought a non-stick fancy-pants one a while ago, and I really think at this point that I’d do better with a baseball bat. No amount of flour and refrigeration and tender care keeps the stupid thing from sticking to whatever I put it to. I thought I was pretty clever using my star-shaped cookie cutter for the vent, but again, the dough had different plans and shaped itself accordingly.

2011-09-17 012

I’m getting a little to fascinated with these in-the-oven shots. It think they look fairly futuristic, especially with all the tin foil.

In our haste to deliver said pie, I forgot to take more pictures, so excuse the iPhone quality and odd lighting for the rest.

2011-09-17 013

A little wonky, a little burnt, but a lot delicious.

2011-09-17 015

I’m going to have to concentrate especially hard on not cutting myself a piece for lunch.

2 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. Amazing first pie!! As a pie novice, can I just say the pie top looks AMAZING! I’m so jealous! I made my first not-straight-to-trash pie last night. Already had a piece for breakfast! Yum! Yum!

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