Fancy Bird Food for People

I made cookies today. This is nothing new. This is usually what I’m doing on Thursdays when I’m not studying or watching Doogie Howser, M.D. on Hulu. (Don’t pretend you didn’t like that show. When I was a kid, we even taped it every week just in case.) However, these cookies are not quite my usual.

2011-09-15 021

One might even call them healthy, if one were inclined. These are my very-slightly-altered version of everybody likes sandwiches‘s Smart Cookies.

2011-09-15 003

So many ingredients! (not pictured: even more stuff) I was in the bulk aisle of Whole Foods, trying to not have a small panic attack at how much this was going to cost, trying to remember that this would make a whole boatload of cookies that would last a while. For some reason, I tend to have grocery price anxiety (much to Dan’s chagrin), especially since moving and getting re-established in New Orleans, but I persevered.

2011-09-15 004

I mean, look at how pretty that all is in the bowl! Oatmeal, oat bran, walnuts, dried cranberries (subbing in for raisins, my only modification), flax seeds, sesame seeds, chocolate chips, coconut, oh dear…it’s like fancy bird food for people.

2011-09-15 008

It all gets held together with applesauce and maple syrup somehow, making these vegan treats not-too-sweet and delightfully chewy. It’s also mildly amusing that these cookies look almost exactly the same raw as when baked, just slightly browner out of the oven.

2011-09-15 012

The taste is both weird and great at the same time. Depending on the elements in your bite, you get either apple cinnamon oatmeal, bright and tart cranberry, dark chocolate and coconut, or even something that vaguely tastes like popcorn.

2011-09-15 015

It’s awesome. It’s moderately healthy. It makes my kitchen smell like I’ve been productive today. I’m going to make it a point to get more things involving oatmeal into our stomachs as soon as possible. I think that Shutterbean‘s Maple Oatmeal Cashew Squares might be on the way. I’m going to need to get a real cookie jar at this rate.

4 thoughts on “Fancy Bird Food for People

  1. This is right up my alley. I baked something similar recently, with lentils in them. They’re amazing! I’m now tweaking the recipe to be the perfect breakfast bar with yogurt.

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